“Wintery” Fun

I know “wintery” isn’t a proper word BUT it sounds good to me, so I’m using it! 

There is so much to do here in Western NY in the Winter.  Although it isn’t my favorite season and I long to be next to a pool with a mojito in the warm sun, I still think those of us who choose to live here should make the most of it.  

Last year we took our youngest, Brandon, ice skating at a local rink.  Yes, it was cold but also fun.  It’s great to get out from behind a screen and get your blood pumping.  Brandon and Hugo really enjoyed it.  I loved it but struggled a little.  Somehow ice skates and roller blades hurt my feet.  I’ve tried all different sizes and styles and I can’t get past the pain.  But even in pain, I enjoyed the atmosphere and seeing my guys enjoying themselves.

This year, Hugo and I took to running.  We are in our fourth week.  We run every morning at 5:30am before the kids get up. (We take the weekends off.)  Leaving the house on a cold, dark, snowy morning isn’t easy.  I come up with every excuse as to why we should skip a day but we don’t.  UNLESS, it’s below 30 degrees.  I have my  limits and those limits were put to the test this week as it was single digits a few days.  We both feel great.  I can see improvement in my stamina every day.  I’m loving it and my heart thanks me. 

So, what I’m really saying is:  Don’t let the cold or snow stop you from enjoying some family fun!  Get out there and spend time together away from screens.  Embrace the season.  No excuses!!!

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