Meet the Flores Family

We are the Flores Family.  I’m Cindy, I am a Christian, a Mom, a Travel Consultant, dog lover and  cheese enthusiast.  Hugo, my handsome husband is an amazing Dad, awesome musician, poet and always full of joy.  Max, our oldest son lights up the world with his smile and is all about music.  He has his own YouTube channel: and is beginning college this fall at the Eastman School of Music to further his talents.  Corey, our middle son, is amazing in every way.  When traveling he is awesome at navigating and discovering things in nature.  He loves to explore the world on his ATV.  Brandon maybe the youngest but he is also the most ingenious of us all.  He loves to engineer all kinds of things from gadgets to widgets and adds interest to every adventure we’re on.

Join us as we take on life’s adventures.  We love to explore the world, new foods, music and cultures.  We’re always interested in meeting new people so feel free to drop us a line.  If you would like help planning your own adventure, let us know!  We would be happy to send you on your way.19883969_10213523481307239_9033468053334866050_n

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