“Life is Better at the Lake”

I can not take credit for this creative, yet simple slogan,  however I can say while in Lake George this quickly became our mantra.  With beautiful mountain views in every direction and melodic bird calls all day long, I can easily see why so many people flock to the Adirondacks for a stress free vacation.

This was not our first choice of destinations but maybe one we frequent yearly.  As western New Yorkers, we felt it necessary to take a must see trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada.  Hugo and I have been a few times, but the boys have never been.  These destinations had been visited so often by Hugo and I prior to 9-11 that we took them for granted.  Now with all the travel requirements we steered away from our northern friend Canada.  This was the year for us to once again explore these areas, this time with the kids.  We updated and received passports and were ready with reservations.  After all, we had quite a few new adventures to be had.  Then the text came from our dog sitter:  “I can not stay with your dogs that week as I will also be out of town.”  Uggggggg….. to say the least.  What now?

Quickly I began inquiring about where to go with dogs.  Everywhere I turned the Adirondacks came up as a premier destination.  I was very excited as this was on our list of places we must see some day.  (As a New Yorker, how could we say we had never been, this seemed so wrong.)  So off we went with three dogs in tow.

With not much time to plan and many places sold out we were left with little choice as to our accommodations. Cabins, hotels and camping were out because we knew there were things we would like to do without the dogs.  Leaving them alone required a full house.  So our search was very limited.  We found a great place to stay using the VRBO website.  The house was perfect with a wrap around porch furnished  with rocking chairs and mountain views in which I could enjoy a cup of coffee each morning.

We stayed in the town of Bolton Landing within the Lake George area.  It was so beautiful.  The scent of pine and the peace of the surroundings quickly melt away any anxiety you carry.  Each of us had a “must-do” on our list.  Brandon’s was Lake George’s amusement park, Six Flags.  Each one of us found it disappointing and give it a thumbs down.  It was very overpriced (to be expected), the rides were not too thrilling and the overall theme was mediocre.  Max, Corey and Hugo all picked zip-lining, white water rafting and the beach.  All three choices were hits for everyone!  The zip line adventure courses proved to challenge them physically as they climbed to new heights before zipping down and feeling the breeze.  For white water rafting they chose a mellow course where they could also jump out and swim in the rapids.  A much enjoyed adventure.  Next they hit up the small beach in Bolton Landing where they could jump off the pier to their hearts content.  Who had the biggest splash, jumped the furthest or highest, who would be in the water first, etc . . . – theses are the questions we all need to know to have a successful day at the lake.  My “must-do” was a hike.  I was determined to get at least one hike under my belt.  For our first we chose the Pinnacle, due to its short distance and moderate difficulty ratings.  Three quarters of the way up I thought about quitting.  THANK GOD I did not!!!  Wow, we hit the jackpot of views!  It was such a spectacular feeling of accomplishment.  I wished I had my coffee with me to sit and enjoy its tranquility for hours!  Max (who has climbed the Eiffel Tower, seen some of the most amazing Caribbean and Atlantic beaches, and toured some quaint, historic places in Europe) said “this is the best view I’ve ever seen.”  On our way down we ran into many others who asked the question, “is it much longer?”  Our response:  “It’s well worth it my friend!”

In short, life really is better at the lake!

Five stars from all Five of the Flores Family!





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